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Your Voice.

Themes and patterns always present themselves as if by divine magic. Maybe it is about seeking them out, and believing that the purpose – the message – is always there, you just have to find it.

The lesson that so clearly jumps out at me this week is about our own unique voice! Discovering who you are, trusting, knowing and remaining strong, while always reminding yourself of the immense power within.

It can be scary. It will not always please everybody, I know, but the funny thing is, the more genuine we are, the truer to our values and our mission, the more people will be warmed by our light.

Clarity surrounding who we are and what we believe directly informs our business, the decisions we make and ultimately the marketing angle we choose to take.

The more we realize this, the more energy and passion we feel for our endeavours and the more beautiful it becomes.

With love,

XO Sarena

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