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Your Image…Your Success! – October 14th, 2009

We2 Breakfast Meeting

“The first 7-20 seconds of any encounter determines the impression people have about us. Our exterior appearance causes others to judge our educational and social background. How we look commands attention….How we dress speaks to our professional capabilities.

Dressing the part means projecting a successful image, displaying your personal power, and leaving prospective clients and colleagues with feelings of trust and confidence.
What is your image conveying about you?
Are you conveying your awesome personal power – your exquisite attention to detail, your drive, focus, the importance and value you place on your customer?
Clothes, colour, grooming and makeup can suggest, connote, persuade, insinuate or lie…and ultimately determine our effectiveness in our dynamic marketplace. You may be a wonderful and capable person once they “get to know you” – you probably are – yet there is no denying that the psychology of dress affects our place in the world. It is more than dress code, it is personal pride and image that is reflected in everything you do for your business… it is poise, positioning and expectation.
Are you unknowingly closing doors to opportunity? Negating the potential for trusted referrals?
Put all the odds in your favor!
Join us for the first in the new Women of We2 series where members Elisabeth Hamacher and Sarena Miller guide you through a fun morning geared towards:
    • Helping you achieve a level of personal image that encourages you to look and feel your best – to feel proud of who you are before you enter the office – and ready to take on the demands of the day!
    • The Basics of proper work attire – From hair to shoes, go over the list of do’s and don’ts for the workplace.
    • Clothing personalities for your personal image
    • How to best dress for your body typeHow to care for your skin and the 5 things every woman should keep in her makeup bag!
Learn some simple steps basic tips and techniques you can put into practice today to improve your business image.
They’ll Show you that with a little help and guidance it can be fun and easy and most importantly, that it takes very little time, and it is worth the time…every time!

A WE² bit about Elisabeth:

Elisabeth Hamacher“A modern woman has to deal with the challenges of a family, business and social life. Her success depends not only on her achievements but also on her appearance. Clothing, and make-up are keys to create our desired image. “You only have one chance to make a great first impression!” This is where my 25 years of experience as a successful fashion consultant in the direct sales field, will help you achieve this image. Let Elisabeth help you put together some inspired outfits to make you look…well…Faaabulous!

A WE² bit about Sarena:

Sarena MillerSarena loves helping women look and feel wonderful! With a background in the arts she loves bringing out the natural beauty in every woman, finding and developing their professional edge through their image. With a specialty in skin care and makeup techniques, Sarena has trained with industry pros such as Victoria Charles, make up artist to celebrities like Heather Locklear. Sarena believes that it can be fun and easy to be yourself – while putting your “best face forward” for every opportunity that you will encounter!


Wednesday, October 14th , 2009
7:00 am – 9:15 am

Where :

Les Pyramides D’Or

1375 Trans-Canadienne, suite 100
Dorval, Qc H9P 2W8
(On the service road right next to McDonalds Head Office)

Price :

15$ for Members cash or cheque
20 $ non-members cash or cheque
Fabulous Talk
Dynamic Networking
Yummy Breakfast

Please call or e-mail early to reserve your spot with us!