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Why? Why Not!

We2 Breakfast Meeting

Harnessing the Power of the Innovation Advantage in Your Business.

Imagine being able to move your business from “where it is” to “where you always knew it could be” with just a simple shift in focus?
Imagine being able to move your team from “reasons we can’t” to “reasons we can” with just one simple phrase.
Imagine being able to harness a continual surge of “highly effective business strategies” specifically designed to meet your unique objectives – with just a few simple techniques.
Now – Imagine a presentation that could create this kind of value for you and your business.
In this highly demanding and ever changing world, where competitive advantage is fleeting at best
and completely dependant upon our ability to effectively rethink and reinvent how we do what we do, this presentation will provide you with the means to master today’s most valuable currency – strategically innovative ideas.
Be prepared to leave the comfort of the way that things have always been done but above all,
be prepared to “Imagine the Possibilities” !

“Give someone an idea and you inspire for a day.
Teach someone where ideas come from, and you inspire for a lifetime.”

What a great way to plan for the biggest and best year ever!
So now that the kids are back in school, and business begins to pick up, let’s build the momentum with a BOOM and a BLAST from Toni!
Visit her website at www.toninewman.com!.

A WE² bit about Toni:

Toni Newman - Professional Catalyst - www.toninewman.comToni Newman – Professional Catalyst
She is a 5 time award winning business owner with an uncanny ability to help her clients turn information into innovation and ideas into results.
In today’s incredible challenging marketplace, where competitive advantage is determined by our ability to effectively differentiate ourselves from the competition, highly respected leaders from sectors as diverse as Finance, Retail, Telecommunications, Health Care, Insurance and many others count on Toni’s 25 plus years of real world business knowledge and uniquely creative insight to provoke the kind of thinking that results in innovative strategies specifically designed to propel their organizations forward. .
Take one uniquely conversational presentation style.
Mix in one part dynamic story teller with an equal part trusted advisor.
Blend with some thought provoking “Here’s what occurred to me as I was thinking about your situation on my way here today”.
Top it all off with a highly effective methodology that participants can immediately put into practice.
And you have the reason why clients consistently seek out Toni Newman as their speaker of choice on innovation as a competitive advantage.

Some of Toni’s prestigious clients include:

  • Bombardier
  • The National Bank
  • Canadian Tire Dealers Association (retail stores)
  • Aldo (retail shoe stores)
  • Bell Mobility
  • Hydro Quebec
  • St. Hubert BBQ (owners of franchise restaurants)
  • Quebec Association of Wood Manufacturers
  • Caisses Populaires (retail banking)
  • Minster of Revenue of Canada
  • CHAMHM (entrepreneurs and business owners)
  • Westmount Hospitality Group (hotel management worldwide)
  • Canadian Farm Board Management Council
  • Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Agency

I encourage you….What if you miss even one piece of very valuable information that she shares that would have completely transformed your business?

“It is not only what we do, but also what we do not do, for which we are accountable.” – Moliere


Wednesday, September 10th , 2008
7:00 am – 9:15 am

Where :

McDougall’s restaurant

1375 Trans-Canadienne, suite 100
Dorval, Qc H9P 2W8
(On the service road right next to McDonalds Head Office)

Price :

15$ for Members cash or cheque
20 $ non-members cash or cheque
Fabulous Talk
Dynamic Networking
Yummy Breakfast

Please call or e-mail early to reserve your spot with us!

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