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What am I clinging to?

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

I recently found myself in a situation where my core values were challenged and put to the test; my life principles questioned… I’ve rarely felt inadequate or taken by surprise but this was one of those moments. I was so surprised by the action of another person that I was confused and unable to think clearly, even though I was very conscious that catabolic (or destructive) energy was boiling inside me. No matter what I tried to do to release it, I was clinging on to that destructive energy. I briefly spoke with the person involved, I meditated, I spoke with my best friend, sought advice, and nothing would make me feel better! I thought: “What’s going on with me”!!! I finally realize that what I needed to do is take a look inside. When I did, I realized that my core values were not being honored but more importantly, not being voiced! As simple as that!!! I picked up the phone, called the person concerned and expressed myself and why I was hurt. At that moment, I released all the animosity I had about the situation and was able to approach it with love. Even though a person I truly love was affected by what had happened, by releasing the catabolic energy, I was able to see the situation in a completely different way.

Often, we don’t realize that we are not being true to our self, that we are not honoring our core values. By acknowledging and then releasing the destructive energy in us, by expressing ourselves and standing in our own power – everything changes. Just imagine how this can help you when dealing with a difficult employee or angry customer. When clinging on to catabolic energy…stop! Take a conscious look at your values and express them with love and understanding…and release…

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