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We2 Photo Day Nov 22, 2013 :: RSVP here – with Wanda & Sarena

We2 Photo Day with Wanda Malfara & Have your make-up done Professionally by Sarena Miller!!!  Put your name on the waiting list by filling out the form below

November 22, 2013

RSVP below

We know the importance of a great first impression – We2 emphasizes this with the way we carry ourselves, and the way we dress…

but in today’s day and age, the one place that WE CANNOT FORGET : the PHOTOGRAPH!

Before you step into that meeting, before you get that contract, before making that call to you – your prospect will look at your photo.

Facebook, linkedIN , twitter, there is no more hiding.

We2 asks you:

  • Is your photo a good representation of who you are?
  • Does it speak to your professionalism?
  • Will it drive traffic to you – or away from you?
  • Need an update?

We2 Photo Day with Wanda Malfara & Have your make-up done Professionally by Sarena Miller!!! - Sold out!  Put your name on the waiting list by filling out the form below

A WE² bit about Sarena:

Sarena Miller :Exceptional Make-up applicationWith the soul of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur, Sarena is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional young woman. Both her work and her art center around women’s issues and the feminine perspective.

Sarena understands the importance of first impressions and projecting the right professional image. Sharing her expertise in her practice as a beauty and image advisor, she helps women easily increase their effectiveness in the workplace, ultimately improving their business and their bottom line.

With the focus on skincare and makeup techniques, she provides specialized solutions to match a woman’s lifestyle, with how-to classes or one-on-one consultations. She loves helping women look and feel simply fabulous inside and out – to be more confident and comfortable expressing who they are!

Sarena Miller :Exceptional Make-up application

A WE² bit about Wanda:

Wanda Malfara - PhotographyWanda is an artist. She brings her creative eye as a painter to her work as a lifestyle photographer, specializing in portraiture.

Impassioned by a diverse and adventurous life that has allowed her to travel the world; her joie de vivre is evident in the creative elements of her artwork and photography. Wanda brings dramatic flair to her art as she preserves the moments in life that are so meaningful to us.

Wanda Malfara - Photography
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Tara BissettTestimonial for Wanda: Wanda is a joy to work with! Her professionalism, mixed with a fun sense of humour and warmth allows her to reach her clients, and bring out the best on camera. The results you can see for yourself in her portfolio, but above and beyond the quality of her work, she is the professional’s professional – from the time and attention she pays her clients to the promptness with which she corresponds and delivers. I will certainly work with her again, and recommend her without hesitation! – Tara Bissett

Testimonial for Sarena: Sarena Miller’s attention to detail and easygoing, fun personality are only two of the qualities that set her apart as a truly gifted makeup artist and skincare specialist. She takes time to get to know her clients, and has a keen intuitive understanding of what makes each person unique. Because she genuinely cares about each client, she adapts the makeup application to suit and bring out who they really are. As someone who rarely wears makeup, I was amazed at how Sarena got who I was, and managed to translate that into our makeup session – I was very much still me, but more! Thank you, Sarena! – Tara Bissett

Wanda MalfaraTestimonial for Sarena: Sarena truly is an artist. In a setting of peaceful tranquility she applies perfect make-up to each person – in preparation for their professional portfolio photo shoot. The stage was set by Sarena’s make-up – making my job as the photographer even more pleasant because of the confidence their beautful faces made them feel. Each lady shone and I was able to capture the sparkle – that magic that comes when a woman knows she looks fabulous. I wish I could have Sarena with me all the time. She makes my post-processing so much easier because her subjects look flawless. – Wanda Malfara

November 22, 2013

We2 Photo day w/Wanda Malfara & Sarena Miller - Guest Price

Ticket / Billet :: $300 Guest

We2 Photo day w/Wanda Malfara & Sarena Miller - We2 Member Price

Ticket / Billet :: $250 We2 Member




Please inquire about adding video to your photo session.

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