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Unlocking Your Color Code

We2 Breakfast Meeting

A very exciting and dynamic speaker, Glynis MacDavid, who will talk about Your COLOR CODE- designed to help you assess who you truly are and how you can use that to better yourself and your business!Find out more about it by taking the “Color Test.” Follow the link below! It will be a fun, enlightening and interactive morning…you don’t want to miss this one!Don’t Forget! At every We² breakfast, Bring a friend and get an entry in our drawing for a prize! (No limit)

“Unlocking Your Color Code”

WHY do we DO what we DO?!
We are all born with guiding tools, yet most of us go through life with no idea where our inner compass is pointing us!
The answer to this question is SIMPLE to discover, and once discovered, EASY to apply – it’s called our Core Driving Motive.

Knowing our Core Motive can result in…

Faster and Focused Business and Personal Success
Deeper More Meaningful Relationships
Clarity and Confidence in Decision-making
Experiencing the JOY of Living every Moment!
For a fuller experience, Take the Personality Assessment, designed by Dr. Taylor Hartman, PhD, at the link below, and then come experience a ’sampling’ of how core motive comprehension can help you live a fuller more meaningful life with Certified Independent Color Code Trainer, Glynis MacDavid.

Get ready for a few AHA! moments!!

To take the test, follow this link or copy and paste it into your URL bar. (The test is optional)


  • Learn the Seven Keys to Killer Marketing and see how they work with examples.
  • They are easy to understand and can be applied quickly. You can instantly make a significant impact in your business development efforts.
  • Real examples will be used from the audience – come prepared to participate!
  • Includes Q&A session

A WE² bit about Glynis:

Glynis MacDavidDYNAMIC, CHARISMATIC, and AUTHENTIC are words that describe this High Energy Speaker!
A certified corporate speaker, Glynis is PASSIONATE about inspiring her audiences to make positive changes in their lives – enabling them to live ON PURPOSE.
This PASSION was born out of the success she enjoys leading one of the Top sales forces in a Fortune 500 company for over 20 years and the appreciation of the power of the human spirit.
Glynis, a native Montrealer, has moved 6 times in her 25 year marriage to her husband, thereby calling on her highly developed social skills to repeatedly ‘re-define’ life and step out of her comfort zone – to build new business relationships and the treasured friendships that she feels are the true essence of life!
She currently teaches at Montreal’s McGill University and the West Island Women’s Centre. She’s also the keynote speaker for various groups and corporate functions.
A certified make-up artist and accredited stager in her ‘fun’ time – she likes all things ‘pretty’. Her motto is ‘If it’s going to BE… it’s up to ME!


Wednesday, May 13th , 2009
7:00 am – 9:15 am

Where :

Les Pyramides D’Or

1375 Trans-Canadienne, suite 100
Dorval, Qc H9P 2W8
(On the service road right next to McDonalds Head Office)

Price :

20 $ cash or cheque
15$ for Members

Fabulous Talk
Dynamic Networking
Yummy Breakfast

Please call or e-mail early to reserve your spot with us!

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  • JL May 17, 2009, 1:02 am

    I wanted also to thank you so much for organizing the meetings and the network! Your energy is very inspiring!
    Thanks again for all your hard work and thinking so much about our businesses and lives!