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The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

My word of the year which lead me to a massive growth period… Most of us associate trust with trusting others, sometimes we relate it to trusting ourselves. Trust is much bigger than that. When we fully trust the Universe, we know that a situation or an event happens because it’s part of our growth. We Trust Mother Earth to work with us to let us know something “good” or ” bad” is happening or about to happen. Trust is Knowing that the Universe, Mother Earth and yourself are working together as a team for life to unfold as it should. It allows you to accept the results or outcome even if it’s not like you had intended it.

In business it translates in trusting the Universe that it is bringing you the perfect contract after having asked for it, trusting Mother Earth for telling you by a deep feeling that it is the right thing to do and trusting yourself that you will negotiate the deal to the best of your abilities with the outcome meant to be. Trust is letting go, no matter what.

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