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The warrior

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

2012 has been a big year of personal growth for me. Owning my coaching school brought me to face fears I did not know I had. Starting this exciting adventure, I felt like a warrior going to battle all pumped up and ready to fight! I was taking on new challenges, the first to rise up and ready to go, raising my sword in the air yelling “ready? Let’s do this!” So I was running uphill, full of adrenalin. Then, once on top, not having really thought of what could be on the other side of the hill, I realized I was the only one up there and on the other side, an army of 5000 waiting with guns, canon and catapults… what do I do now… alone on top of the hill facing the battle of my life… only if I had given more thoughts, planned more carefully, researched more…

The real question was “what was causing me to bulldozer my way through life without giving more planning, thoughts and questioning?” The answer was FEAR OF REJECTION. I was so scared of being rejected or not being taken seriously that I wanted to prove I could do it, that I was good enough to be taken seriously. I did not want to miss an opportunity or more be “tossed aside” and miss the opportunity. I was taking on many challenges I did not resonate with and they were fare from what I wanted… Fear spreads everywhere and deep; it rules your life and fogs your thoughts.

Now I am free of that fear, I stand in my power… FREEDOM!

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