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The Roadmap – Julie Anne Christoph

Anyone who is thinking about adding coaching to their tool belt!!!

You do not want to miss the in-person “Roadmap to Becoming a Coach”. Many questions about coach training and perhaps about coaching in general will be answered.

Your questions may include:

  • What are the specific differences between coaching, mentoring, consulting, and therapy?
  • Who takes coach training and why?
  • How viable is coach training as a career option for you, and what’s the earning potential?
  • Which training school is best suited to what you want and how you learn?
  • I’m a coach can I take your classes to learn a new method or technique?
  • And on and on…

The bottom line is – you’re looking to answer the question…Is coach training right for you?

The Roadmap, will be held at the Le Déjeuner Cosmopolitain located at 983 boul. St – Jean, in Pointe-Claire, which is presented in English, starts at 7 am, coffee and fresh juice will be served. For more info and to register, reach out to Julie Ann Christoph at jachristoph@iPECcoaching.com!

A WE² bit about Julie Anne :

Julie Anne ChristophTo learn a little more about Julie Anne follow the following links:



February Info Session :

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Free Event

Contact :

Julie Ann Christoph

Email: jachristoph@iPECcoaching.com


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