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The Revolution

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

I finally “got” what the word “choice” or “choosing” really means.

I am not talking about intellectually knowing, because we all understand that…it’s more the feeling of choosing. Choosing is a way of being.

To get there, massive growth was required to unmask the fears hiding deep in the abyss that were pushing me to constantly be in reaction mode.

I had to choose to go ‘where it’s scary’. “Going where it’s scary” means not only to ask yourself the hard questions but most importantly ANSWER the hard questions, ACCEPT the answer and MOVE FORWARD!

Once uncovered, I quickly realized that my blocks (or fears) were “made up”! They probably served me at one point in my life to protect me, but now they were holding me back from being successful… holding me back from being me! So I let them go…

That’s when the Revolution happened… THE CHOICE REVOLUTION. I started gaining or grasping the power that “choice” holds. Everything is a choice, weather you choose a job, a friend, your spouse, a house or even your clothes you wear and hairdresser you go to!

All these choices should be aligned with “Who” you truly are at the core. They represent YOU. I realized that it’s my duty to choose consciously and stand by my choices in order to honor myself, with integrity. This took a lot of confidence as people judge when my choices are not necessarily aligned with what “society says it should be”. This process allowed me to be in my passion and give my life the direction I was meant to have.

My Choice Revolution is just starting… My school is expending and my coaching practice is thrilling!

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