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Tara Bissett


A WE² bit about Tara:

Tara BissettTara is a bilingual trainer and facilitator specializing in innovation, change, leadership, and creative and strategic thinking. She helps organizations, teams and individuals tackle complex challenges, identify and harness promising opportunities, and tap into the potential within an organization’s most valuable asset – the brilliance, motivation and innovative thinking of its people.

Tara is a certified in Creative Problem Solving (CPS), and with KeyChange Institute (keychangenow.com), where she helps people change, ‘especially when change seems impossible’. In addition to facilitating the KeyChange process with clients, Tara is certified to train KeyChange consultants to deliver the process.

Her wide array of leadership and facilitative experiences include helping private, public, and non-profit sector organizations with strategic thinking, innovation, change management and team effectiveness.

In the last two decades, Tara has also been involved in community efforts, including leadership and creativity training with youth, senior, and cross-generational groups, as well as facilitating vision and mission initiatives, ideation, team-building and team-effectiveness. The combination of formal education and experience in innovation and change leadership, a strong background in the fine arts, theatre and music, on top of strong interpersonal skills, work ethic, and energetic nature, Tara brings an engaging and dynamic quality to her work as a facilitator, trainer and creativity professional.

Tara has an MSc in Applied Creativity and Change Leadership from The International Center for Studies in Creativity at SUNY Buffalo, along with a BFA and MA in Art Education, from Concordia University, Montreal.

Contact Tara:

Tara Bissett

Email: tarabissett@gmail.com

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