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Tanya Toledano


A WE² bit about Tanya:

Tanya ToledanoTanya Toledano is the Founder of montrealmom.com Inc., Montreal’s most comprehensive web resource for English-speaking moms. Boasting over 400 pages for moms of all stages, the site also features a daily blog where Tanya shares thoughts & anecdotes as well as reviews on mom-relevant items & services.

Tanya is a strong believer in the power of social media, as it is through social media that she has grown her business to what it is today. She is beginning to share that knowledge with fellow entrepreneurs in order to help them grow their own businesses.

A passionate marketer to the core, Tanya also works as an independent marketing consultant, and was responsible for the marketing effort in bringing Starbucks to Quebec.   A branding fanatic, she helps businesses in establishing their corporate identity and identifying ways in which they can reach and satisfy the needs of their target market. Prior to becoming an independent consultant, she spent several years as Head of Marketing for Pizza Hut Quebec.

Recent milestones include finishing in 1st place as Top Canadian Mom Blog on Circle of Moms, being Featured Mompreneur at TrueCuddles.ca, the launch of montrealmomTV via YouTube as well as the launch of her Introduction to Social Media Workshop.

The mother of four and the wife of one, she is also a foodie, a law graduate, a cookbook editor, a guest speaker and a serial volunteer. Tanya is best known for her energy, creativity and her ability to turn vision into reality.

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Contact Tanya

Tanya Toledano,

Founder. Blogger. Influencer
MontrealMom.com Inc

Tel: 514-814-0235

Email: tanya@montrealmom.com
Website: www.montrealmom.com

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