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Sylvie Côté


A WE² bit about Sylvie:

Sylvie Côté • Consultant • communication • sales • marketing  •  Laval, QuebecStarted in 2004, thoughts of sharing expertise acquired over the years were the starting point of Sylvie Côté’s consultant carrier.
Helping and sharing is a passion stimulated and renewed by new challenges and the contribution she could bring to an organization. Sylvie wishes to contribute to her client’s success.

As a consultant in Communication, Sales and Marketing, Sylvie is able to act as product manager, trainer, communication manager, account director, project manager, and advertising agency …

Honest, giving and passionate, she works in cooperation with her customers to offer the best for their projects. She is using a brainstorming approach based on openness, respect and cooperation. Sylvie firmly believes that chances of success increases by combining knowledge and strengths.
She considers each project as if it is her own. Her implication is total.
Her many years of experience in the Health/Beauty, Pharmaceutical and Service providers industries are endowed with strong skills. Recognized for her dynamism and creativity, she has a great sense of organization; enjoys challenges, works well under pressure and is able to work on many projects simultaneously.
Either in solo or in cooperation with the customers, her network of collaborators or agencies, passion and determination towards success are always the leitmotiv.
Sylvie is an active member of different associations such as the PMCQ, HBAC, WE2.
She also collaborates to the Vitalité Québec magazine with an aim to enlighten information on health conditions that causes certain embarrassments.

Towards the years, she has received the Awards of Recognition for the launch of Herbal Essences Hair colour – Magical Merchandising Tour, the Customer/Sales Support Person of the Year, and the Sales Rep of the Year Quebec and Canada.

Testimonial for Sylvie:

Working with Sylvie Côté, it is to get the right message.

“This woman works for our interest, our good and to help us progress. I started to use the services of Sylvie in 2003 and I always rely on her judgement.
I am a dental hygienist passionate by my profession. Combined with my practice, I offer trainings and conferences to my pairs.
Sylvie taught me the basics of data processing and how to assemble effective presentations. Over the years, her critical mind and her marketing advice enabled me to deliver quality products and services with pride.
She is an important support in the realization of my projects and for everyone who knows me, I do have a lot. Her advices are judicious, honest and sincere, even if, these are those that we sometimes prefer not to hear. Sylvie knows how to bring us back to our objectives when we are mislaid.
On the human level, she is a good listening, providing good advices and forcing us to also see the second side of the medal. She respects the intrinsic value of people.
I am happy to have her in my surrounding and working with her enables me to positively go forward.”
Christine Thibault B.Sc,. H. D.
Dental Hygienist
Speaker and Advisor

Sylvie Côté
Consultant – communication • sales • marketing

Tel: 514.862.9842

Email: scc@sylviecote.com
Website: www.sylviecote.com