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Suzannah Baum, Ideal Communications


A WE² bit about Suzannah:

Suzannah Baum, President, Ideal CommunicationsA public speaking trainer, executive speech coach and keynote speaker, Suzannah Baum helps organizations and individuals unleash their ultimate speaking potential.

Suzannah started Ideal Communications in 2004, after witnessing the careers of educated, highly-intelligent people being hampered by their inability – or unwillingness – to speak in public. Through her training, workshops and coaching, she helps individuals create and deliver presentations with confidence, clarity and power. With over eight years of experience in the public speaking field, Suzannah has been consistently recognized for a highly-rated training style that enables her clients to improve their unique speaking style in a very short time.

Suzannah is an executive board member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (Montreal chapter), a prizewinning speaker, an advanced Toastmaster and a mentor. She holds a B.Comm in marketing and international business from McGill University and a M.A in international relations from Carleton University. Passions include chocolate, anything that gets her outdoors, and hearing the stories of her clients’ public speaking successes. www.suzannahbaum.com

Testimonials for Suzannah:

“While preparing for a series of presentations, I was fortunate enough to get some time with Suzannah. She really helped me appreciate the art and theatre of public speaking. Some of her concepts focused my presentation and enabled me to deliver a stronger message.”
– Mitch Joel, President – Twist Image

“Suzannah Baum’s return participation as a presenter of one of our Leadership Skills Development Workshop Series was one of the highlights of this year’s programming. Her workshop was informative, entertaining, and full of helpful tips that gave all of the participants the tools that they needed to get started with developing their public speaking and presentation skills. Only positive feedback was returned: attendees said that they better understood how to manage their speaking anxiety, connect with an audience, and create and deliver a great speech.”
– Leslie Copeland, First-Year Coordinator, McGill University

“From bland to brilliant. Suzannah worked with several top executives in advance of a company meeting held once every four years for an international construction company. They were initially hesitant to work with her, saying they didn’t need the help. However, after spending time working with her, they all now endorse Suzannah and even exerted peer pressure on the execs who initially chose to not get coaching. Those holdouts are now advocates also.”
– Wally Adamchik, President – President, Firestarter Speaking & Consulting

“Suzannah Baum put on a dynamic and inter-active presentation on Public Speaking for Professionals in a way that firstly, put participants at ease, and then secondly, allowed people to talk about a subject that is often challenging to most people. She covered the main points to keep in mind when preparing to give a presentation and how to avoid some of the pitfalls. All participants added their own experiences, both good and bad, doing public speaking, and everyone felt they had gained a good insight into the secrets of public communication..”
– Jim Colmer, Entrepreneurial Development, Laval, Laurentians and Lanaudiere CEDEC

Contact Suzannah:

Suzannah Baum
Ideal Communications

Tel: 514.247.1761

Email: suzannah@suzannahbaum.com
Website: www.suzannahbaum.com
Blog: www.suzannahbaum.com/blog
Twitter: @suzannahbaum
LinkedIn: ca.linkedin.com/in/suzannahbaum/
Facebook: www.facebook.com/suzannahbaum
YouTube: www.youtube.com/suzannahbaum