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Susan Rose


A WE² bit about Susan:

Susan Rose - A Timeless CelebrationAre you a struggling to make changes in your life or in your business, and running into roadblocks along the way? I am a transformational coach working with coaches and holistic practitioners who want to bring more joy, intuition and abundance to their businesses.

After 20 years as a management consultant specializing in communications strategy, I had a massive burnout and needed to reinvent myself. I immersed myself in holistic therapies and training, and found a whole new world! I learned how to work in the hologram – our energetic field – in dramatically effective and powerful ways to release all the old baggage that accumulates over time.

Now my business – all aspects – has taken off. I am blessed to be doing this work of helping others change their lives and transform their businesses to whatever level of abundance they desire. I think of myself as an accidental manifester. I have multiple offerings for entrepreneurs, depending on where you are at in your business. I am especially skilled in helping you develop the strategic direction of what to do next and then helping you get there.

What that means is that all my tools and skill sets are available to you. My process is to address the overall direction, what to do next, upgrade skills or resources, and then master the psychology to eliminate anything in your way.

I share what intuitive and clairvoyant gifts I have to help you create abundance from the infinite universe. We check in to ensure we are working on the right aspect. If this sounds too far-fetched for you, then by all means ignore it. But if you know how powerful you really are, when you connect to the resources of the universe, then please do contact me!

Please take advantage of my Strategic Size Up Call by contacting me for a free 45 minutes session.

Once you experience intuitive consulting – which is how I work now – your life opens to new dimensions….

If you are wondering what to do now to make your life better and your business grow, ask yourself this: is there any reason not to get in touch with Susan today? I look forward to hearing from you!

Testimonials for Susan:

“Susan is an absolute goldmine of information, and generous with her intuitive help. I love working with her, and I have made huge changes in how I am, how I feel about life and what I am able to do now. I can hardly believe who I am after three short months and five years of trying! ”

– Pascale G. , Quebec

“Susan always is the one I go to when I am confused or worried about something. She can get to what is going on so quickly. I love working with her, but I wish I could give her a real hug more often! ”

– Joan Hangarter D.C. , California

WE2 Member to Member benefit:

Please take advantage of my Strategic Size Up Call by contacting me for a free 45 minutes session.

You will leave this session with:
1. a clearer idea of what would be most beneficial right now in your life or your business
2. three ways you could increase your revenues, right now, in your small business
3. clarity about what has been in the way of moving forward
4. three great resources that you can access for FREE to upgrade your skill levels in new ways
5. an answer to something you have been puzzling about for a long time

Do give me a call, yes?

Contact Susan

Susan Rose
Roads to Wellness Coaching

Tel: 514.924.7673
Email: susan@roads2wellness.com
Website: http://www.roads2wellness.com