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Social Media Strategy Series

Social Media Strategy Series – Lisa McKenzie

Social Media Strategy Series

Lisa McKenzie will be speaking to the Ladies of WE2 on August 11th 2010. For more info: NetworkingMontreal.com – Lisa McKenzie – Aug 11th addresses the Ladies of We2

Until then check out her new series, and mention your association with We2 and take and additional 25$ off the price!

Here’s what Lisa has to say about her new series:

“I’ve just launched the Social Media Strategy Series filled with step-by-step how to’s, action plans, templates and a Social Media Blueprint for Success.
In my recent polling of more than 50 women, CEOs to new business launchers and entrepreneurs to seasoned professionals, they all were adamant about one thing when it came to learning about Facebook, no one is teaching strategy! I’ve taken all their feedback and my expertise and created the Social Media Strategy Series. The program starts July 15th and runs for 5 classes.”

A WE² bit about Lisa:

Lisa MckenzieHaving an intuitive passion for building strategic relationships has contributes to Lisa McKenzie’s success as a Certified Social Media Strategist and Joint Venture Specialist. She is the spark that continues to ignite countless strategic partnerships and fuels the community growth for her clients across North America. Lisa’s clients and colleagues describe her as on-fire, engaging, inspiring and authentic. She is a founding member of the International Social Media Association, a speaker, trainer, consultant and co-author of several books on social media including the Facebook Guide for Parents.


“I just finished taking Lisa’s course Social Media Marketing and I must say it was the most informative hands on marketing course I’ve ever taken. I’m a realtor and marketing is more then half of my business. It’s very, very important for me to be cutting edge, reach the most amounts of people for the least amount of money. Whether you are in need local business, around the country or more, this is the course to take. The timing is perfect and by taking the course, you’ll be getting in ahead of your competitors that I can guarantee. Facebook and Twitter is not a fad, nor is it just for kids, it’s the largest marketing tool that we use today at practically no cost (so far). I was amazed at the potential it held for me, or anyone for that matter. IF you don’t take the course, and don’t take advantage of this time and tool, you’ll be missing out.” ~J. W.

When :

The program starts July 15th and runs for 5 classes

Workshop Cost :

The launch price is $397 per person or $347 if registered by Thursday July 8th

Mention We2 and take and additional 25$ off the price

Instructor :

Lisa McKenzie

Certified Social Media and Joint Venture Strategist

Contact :

Lisa McKenzie

Email: Lisa@LisaMcKenzie.com

For more info: www.YourMarketLivesHere.com

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