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Silvana Misantone


A WE² bit about Silvana:

Silvana MisantoneSignature Invitation is the entrepreneurial vision of Silvana Misantone. Since June 2010, Silvana Misantone and Signature Invitation have been providing clients from across North America with a stylish, haute couture approach to creating personalized invitation and stationary accessories. Importing unique collections of sumptuous papers and fabrics from all four corners of the world, Signature Invitation offers a wide selection to please even the most discriminating client.

The imaginative and artistic, handcrafted designs are the work of Silvana Misantone and a team of expertly skilled artisans under her guidance. With years of experience in the industry,Silvana and her team employ exquisite detailing and fine printing processes to create meticulous invitations that are literally works of art. Signature Invitations’ state- of- the- art studios, attention -to -detail and superior customer service ensures that every card has a fresh, distinctive design that is customized to each client’s satisfaction.

Creating custom hand-made invitations with unique visual appeal for the wedding and & event industry is what Silvana Misantone and Signanture Invitation are all about.

Let Silvana and her team help you turn any occasion into a standout event.

At Signature Invitations – our only limitation is your imagination.

Contact Silvana:

Silvana Misantone
Signature Invitation International

Tel: 514-274-9999

Email: info@signatureinvitation.com
Website: www.signatureinvitation.com

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