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Sherry Nash


A WE² bit about Sherry:

Sherry Nash  ::  NetworkingMontreal.comI am a certified professional coach and reiki master who has a passion to help people quit their annoying habits to free up their time, money and energy so that they can live their wish lists!

Testimonials for Sherry:

“Sherry has a tremendous depth of knowledge and is tremendously effective in dealing with bad habits and addictions. If you are ready to see yourself in a new empowered way and are ready for a life of freedom it is time hire Sherry! Thank You”

– Alfonso Castaneira

“Sherry has provided myself and in turn my family with inspirational
power! Her healing has promoted my power of positive devotion!
Believe, remain calm and move forward. With sherry’s assistance, intrinsic strength has heightened my
devotion to caring for myself and most importantly dedication to providing protection love and power to my family! I recommend her healing!”

– Joe Marchildon

Contact Sherry:

Sherry Nash

Be Habit Free
Founder & CEO

Tel: 514.694.2283
Tel: 514.234.2284
Email: behabitfree@gmail.com

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