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Setting the tone

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

I started the New Year with a new morning routine. A routine of setting my intention for the day in order to send out the energy I want to achieve my goals… WOW that thing WORKS!

Let’s first look at what is an intention:

An intention is a message you are telling yourself for the things you are planning on doing. It’s how much and what type of energy you have behind a goal or task that you want to accomplish.

When we have a clear goal of where we want to go, we have more chances of getting there and faster than we think!

Always state your intention in the present tense and with the word “I”. Ex.: “Today, I AM focused” and not “today I will be focused”. You see the difference in the energy?
The first intention puts you there, at the cause and in charge.

The second intention leaves space for you to “change your mind” or for something to happen. It is in the future and the future can change at any moment!

Since I started stating my intention in the morning, work has been flowing in, my relationships evolved in a positive way and my day to day work is much calmer!

WOW! That thing WORKS!

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