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Sarena’s Saturday Morning Studio : 9:30-11:30 am

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A pinkish hue illuminates the autumn sky, overlooking the dusty rooftops on a balcony in Paris. Edith Piaf is playing on the radio, the smell of freshly brewed coffee and warm toasty croissants waft through the air. Paintbrushes and canvas are ready for decorating…is it a dream? No! It’s Sarena’s Saturday Morning Studio! An artistic escape to explore your creative talents, a mini-getaway, a weekly soul-journey.
With classes like “Gustav’s Garden”, “Me & Modigliani” and ‘Paris, peut-etre” you are sure to be delighted with where your imagination can take you.

This fall, enjoy a delightful morning of painting with new friends.
This class will be structured so you will be able to easily incorporate some basic drawing & composition techniques and express yourself through the joy of painting.

We will create our own masterpieces, inspired by beloved artists and by nature, we’ll explore expressionism, symbolism and decorative and filigree styles, figurative portraiture.


  • Classes are 4 – 6 people, a lively give and take with lots of individual attention.
  • For beginner to intermediate, acrylic painting and some mixed-media and collage.
  • Adult / Teen
  • 12 week class – 2 hours per week : 360$ (15$ per hour)
  • +Materials
  • Location: Sarena’s Studio

Sarena Miller
With nearly 15 years experience teaching arts to children & adults and developing art programs, I look forward to encouraging your artistic creativity!

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A WE² bit about Sarena:

Sarena MillerSarenaMiller.com – Classes
NetworkingMontreal.com – Sarena Miller




Contact :

Sarena Miller

Tel: 514.817.5555
Email: smiller@networkingmontreal.com
Website: www.SarenaMiller.com


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