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Sarena Miller


A WE² bit about Sarena:

Sarena Miller  ::  NetworkingMontreal.comWith the soul of an artist and the spirit of an entrepreneur, Sarena is a modern renaissance woman; multi-talented and multi-dimensional, here to share her gifts and to help and encourage others to do the same!

A dreamer, and DO-ER, who feels deeply and loves largely, a friend to all animals. A lover of all things beautiful, curator and purveyor of beautiful things.

Sarena is a speaker and a writer, painting pictures with words. She is the founder and president of We2, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange, the most dynamic professional network and resource for women in Montreal, with a mission to encourage personal and professional satisfaction for entrepreneurs and artists alike. She loves helping women look and feel simply fabulous inside and out – to be more confident and comfortable expressing who they are!

Sarena’s passion is for illustration and painting. Using watercolour, pencils, micron pens and acrylics she weaves whimsical and meaningful narratives inspired by flora and fauna – as well as the nature within – told mostly from a feminine perspective. She shares her passion by teaching art to people of all ages.

Engaging, enthusiastic, energetic and warm, she brings her professionalism and high integrity to all of the exciting things she does!

Whether inspiring and supporting entrepreneurs and artists, speaking, teaching or creating – she does it with heart and passion.

Testimonials for Sarena:

“When I first met Sarena I was struck by her sincerity and her passion. I watched Sarena single-handedly transform a fledgling organization into a successful and vibrant community. Sarena has an engaging way about her that makes people feel welcome, cared about and curious to be part of something that she has created. Sarena is a valuable find – do not lose sight of her! ”

– Robin Hornstein, Corporate Dragon Programs

“Sarena is a firecracker. A dynamic, smart and capable businesswoman. I have had the pleasure of dealing with her on numerous occasions, speaking at her business networking group WE2, and she is a pro. Whatever Sarena touches turns to success and I would recommend her work any day.”

– Erica Diamond, WomenOnTheFence.com

“Sarena Miller is a born leader. Her enthusiasm, quick mind and hard working dedication to every task and project she takes on result in successful endeavors. Sarena has the rare ability to bridge the gap between the artist and the business woman and she accomplishes both roles with passion and dedication. She delights in the success of others and as a result is successful herself. Sarena has taken on the role as President of We2 and has directed it into the largest and most successful Women’s Networking Organizations in Montreal.”

– Wanda Malfara,

“Sarena has created a fabulous power-group of women with We2. It’s important to note that the power does not lie strictly within the entrepreneurial success of these amazing women. It lies within the hearts & commitment, care & concern of the group and perhaps most of all, Sarena’s own care & concern for each & every one of her members. 7AM sounds early to make it to a breakfast meeting but I look forward to each & every one of them. We2 is about so much more than the referrals from which you will benefit. If you are a woman with a business head & a helping heart, We2 is the place for you.”

– Tanya Toledano, MontrealMom.com

“Sharp, funny,innovative Sarena is 100% professional who gives 150% to all that she touches. Both creative and business minded Sarena has an energetic and charismatic nature that has made We2 www.networkingmontreal.com the most successful networking group in Montreal.”

– Dahna Weber, Founder of Motherhood Inc Canada

“Sarena is an accomplished entrepreneur, and head of a very successful networking group for women. She is also a fantastic artist, and has a beautiful personality. You always feel good after having spent time with her, as she has this uplifting energy about her. I always look forward to attending Sarena’s Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange events, which are well-organized and exciting! Thanks to her, I have met many wonderful business women, and I look forward to continue being a part of this group.”

– Marion Dana, Partner at O’Reilly Dana, Attorneys

“Sarena is one of the most genuine people I have met through business. She is well-intentioned and makes everyone in the group feel at ease. She is constantly thinking about the big picture and how to better oneself. A dose of her endless energy will carry you through the day!

Sarena’s commitment to growing our respective businesses is evident. The tools and resources that she has produced have been instrumental in helping us work “on our business rather than in our business”

– Andrea Duchesne

Contact Sarena:

Sarena Miller

Tel: 514.817.5555
Email: smiller@networkingmontreal.com
Website: www.veryBIGdreams.com
Website: www.SarenaMiller.com

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