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Robina Nicol


A WE² bit about Robina:

Robina NicolI’m leading a double life… with a plethora of creative/business fields behind me; I’ve indulged myself with two remaining passions – palmistry and art.

As an intuitive and a lifetime of study and practice, I offer Professional Palmistry with a difference…. My service includes numerology and an astrological forecast, a perfect combination to help my clients understand the importance of the energy in the palms of their hands and how to best to use it. For an amazing experience, contact me at robinanicol@gmail.com

My other passion is expressing my soul experience with brush and canvas. You can find me at www.robinanicol.com

Contact Robina

Robina Nicol

Email: robinanicol@gmail.com
Website: www.robinanicol.com

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