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Retreat October 3 & 4, 2009 – Workshop and Firewalk

IN 24 HOURS we can…”Set your Soul on Fire”:

• Eliminate old negative beliefs that are stopping you from moving forward
• Embrace and have a better relationship with your mind, body and spirit
• Resolve unwanted blocks & barriers
• Help you feel more vibrant, free and alive
• Experience more joy, love and compassion in your life

What to expect:

During our day and evening together, our intimate group will explore the emotions of fear, anger, grief/sadness, enthusiasm, love and joy. You will learn lifelong techniques to help you move through your negative beliefs with action packed, hands on exercises. Our workshop will give you an opportunity to see how you can truly believe and count on your inner power and strength to create a greater sense of balance in your every day life. Once you experience the effects of the exercises we have planned for you… you will understand the true feeling of joy and the richness of knowing that “anything is possible”. We will build our fire as a team and walk it as a family. This retreat will enhance your mental and physically agility to move forward in life with much more joy, focus and strength!


Saturday October 3, 2009 registration at 10:30am (sleepover and meals included; return home Sunday at noon.

Where :

Maromac Event Center

www.maromac.com(directions on site)
1 hour from Montreal

Price :

WE² members a 20% discount or $179.00

Contact :

Nancy Chernoff
Founder – FearlessFlame Empowerment Workshops

Tel: 514.953.8287
Email: nancy@fearlessflame.com
Website: www.fearlessflame.com