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MONEY MATTERS with Andrea Duchesne

We hear it often, he or she is high maintenance…! For some, maintenance is a given, part of one’s routine and an ongoing project. It can take the form of physical upkeep, intellectual betterment or trying to achieve balance in life. Often the phrase denotes a negative connotation; however, for the most part I believe striving to better oneself is generally a good thing.

It is no different for your investment portfolio… A portfolio that is initially invested and left to the mercy of the markets is not going to get you to your goals. In fact, it is a neglected portfolio, one that needs attention ASAP! The attention comes in the form of something called rebalancing. Given that your portfolio is properly set up in the first place, rebalancing acts as a way to make sure you are benefiting from the market swings.

To learn more about how your investments could benefit from rebalancing and some maintenance, contact me at andrea.duchesne@bnc.ca

A We2 bit about Andrea Duchesne, Investment Advisor

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MONEY MATTERS with Andrea Duchesne