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October 12, 2011

We2 Networking Breakfast in Montreal!!! - October 12, 2011 -  Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing With Difficult People:

How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst.

Need the courage to stand your ground when you want to run, or to step forward in the face of determined opposition? Get the tools you need to deal with the top 10 most unwanted list, 10 specific behaviors that represent people at their worst: Tank attacks, Grenade tantrums, Snipers, Know-it-Alls, Think-they-know-it-Alls, Whiners, Yes, Maybe, No, and Nothing people! United we stand, but divided we can’t stand each other, because conflict occurs when the emphasis is on differences. Reducing differences can turn conflict into cooperation. What you say to people can produce defensiveness or trust, increase resistance or cooperation, promote conflict or understanding. Businesses rely on clear communication and positive interactions to increase productivity and revenue. If you wish to acquire the skills involved with dealing with difficult people, then this workshop is for you. Liliana promises to make this not only educational, but also humorous.

A WE² bit about Liliana De Leo:

Liliana De LeoLiliana De Leo is founder and president of the Living Laughter™ Center and recently launched a sister company called Firmus. She holds workshops and classes all over Quebec, having worked in the field of health and fitness since 1998. She is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher, Personal Trainer, and CPR & First Aid Instructor. Her special brand of optimism has a positive effect on everyone with whom she comes in contact. As a dynamic speaker, Liliana’s energetic trainings have inspired many. Her classes and workshops incorporate the 2 “E” formula; Educational and Entertaining.
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Wednesday, October 12th, 2011
7:00 am

Where :

Les Pyramides D’Or

1375 Trans-Canadienne, suite 100
Dorval, Qc H9P 2W8 Map
(On the service road right next to McDonalds Head Office)

Price :

15$ for Members
20 $ Guests


Fabulous Talk
Dynamic Networking
Yummy Breakfast

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