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November 14, 2012

The Power of People

Where human interaction can take you.

There are many factors that influence our success. Commitment. Dedication. Marketing. Sales Strategy. But there is one irreplaceable thing that may hold the biggest key of all, no matter what business you are in. People. It’s all about the people. The ones you serve. The connections you make. The relationships you build. Loyalty from your fans, from employees, from clients.

Join us on November 14th when We2 welcomes guest speaker Taki Noubani, as he shares his remarkable story, and the thread that has brought him success…the power of connecting with people. From his ambitious yet humble beginnings to creating award-winning sales and one of the highest loyalty ratings spanning his 25 year career in real estate, Taki will share the story of his remarkable journey.

Through this lens we learn about opportunity, about life, about the most important thing in business – people. Learn some secrets, some tips and how to cultivate and encourage others, and in that process of lifting others, ensure our own success.

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A WE² bit about Taki :

Taki Noubani Taki Noubani has a had a wealth of experience, as an entrepreneur and leader in the community.

From finishing a 3 year degree in only 2, to owning and operating 3 grocery stores and a kiosk at the ripe age of only 22, his journey took him to a career in real estate that lasted 25 years, winning him accolades and awards like highest honours in sales, as well as being the best and most efficient manager in Canada.

Throughout his career he has had experience in negotiations, hiring and training employees, yet it was the art of connecting with the public that he credits as the foundation for his successful business career.

Taki is always smiling, he simply radiates authenticity. He is currently semi-retired travelling around the world, sharing his message and his passion of the power of people – Human Interaction – as the foundation for business success.

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Wednesday, November 14th, 2012
7:00 am

Where :

Beaconsfield Golf ClubWE2 invite you to join us at The Beaconsfield Golf Club – 49 Golf Avenue, Pointe-Claire, Qc., Canada, H9S 4N6

49 Golf Avenue,
Pointe-Claire, Qc., Canada, H9S 4N6

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