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Net Work-It Tip 2

“Net Work-It!”

Welcome to the second installment of the “Net Work-It!” series!

If you didn’t catch our first tip in the series to help you make the most of your networking efforts, check it out “Net Work-It! Tip 1”

Tip # 2: Write it down!

When you exchange cards with somebody, remember to take a few minutes after the meeting to write down a few things that will accelerate your relationship-building skills!

When and Where did you meet them?
(When you are a We2 member you can keep the cards in your handy We2 binder that you get with every membership, so you never have to wonder. To learn more about the benefits of joining We2 click here: We2 Membership)

  • What did you like about that person?
  • Whom are they looking for
  • How can you help them with THEIR business?
  • Is there something that they mentioned that was a clue to their peronality, interests, hobbies?

We think we will remember, but it leaves our mind quickly, so count this as necessary time invested after each meeting. It is a process!

This will serve a number of purposes, some of which we will go over in our next instalment, and practice next We2 Meet, see our upcoming events

Until then, Net WORK-IT, girls!!



“Net Work-It!”, a series of value-packed networking nuggets.

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