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Net Work-It Tip 1

“Net Work-It!’

Welcome to “Net Work-It!”, a series of value-packed networking nuggets from me, that will help accelerate your networking skills and turn contacts into customers!

Tip # 1: Who’s Your Who?

When we enter a networking event, do we know who we are looking for?
Do we know our customer? The one with the decision-making or purchasing power?
If the answer is no, I encourage you to take 15 minutes and do this exercise.

This works whether it is a person or a company profile (which still means dealing with a person).

Focus in and imagine what she looks like, how old she is, what kind of company she works with/for, what kind of car she drives, how many children she has…
What does she dress like? What kind of hobbies or activities does she enjoy?

It may sound silly but visualizing and understanding our ideal customer in great detail and knowing WHO she is – exactly – will help us shorten our journey considerably.

This is not only something that will help you in networking, but in clarifying your marketing message and strategy, as well. Once you know WHO you are looking for – all you have to do is find them!
(And of course, answer that all-important question, how can YOU help her)?

But if WE don’t know who our “Who” is – how can anybody refer them to us?

Noteworthy: don’t discriminate. The person you are looking for may not be in that room…BUT they know someone who IS! Today we are more connected than ever!

Tune in for the next part of our series to learn more…

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