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My little guidebook to very BIG DREAMS

my little guidebook to very BIG dreams - veryBigdreams.com

“My little guidebook to very BIG dreams” is the unique goal-setting guide that brings fun and encouragement to the task of planning ahead…setting your sights – and charting your path to fabulous new destinations!

The concept, content and illustrations for this charming little book were the brainchild of Eric Biley & Sarena Miller. Follow Sarena’s whimsical illustrations as they tell the heartfelt story of a seed’s journey to become a mighty tree. Each copy of “My Little Guidebook to Very BIG Dreams” is lovingly hand made from start to finish. The precision and attention to detail are results of much trial and error so that the most beautiful and luxurious methods give each book the velvety, firm feel, worthy of YOUR life story!

The Process :

Eric cuts the huge sheets of book board in his workshop. The pages are printed, trimmed and folded; holes are punched and then Sarena proceeds to hand sew the pages together . . . and the book begins to take shape. Eric covers the book board with the rich chocolate book linen, and the binding process is completed as Eric ( in a few finishing steps ) snugly and securely glues the signatures into their home.

The carefully selected paper is a creamy natural color, easy on the eyes & of course acid free & archival grade, so you can keep it forever!

The Gift of Belief :

Makes a fabulous gift for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, the holidays and of course New Years! What a great time to plan, dream and believe!

What’s better than a gift that says “ I believe in YOU ”! We hope you love our little book as much as we do, and as much as those who have used it themselves or given it as a cherished gift to loved ones.

We wish you the best!

To order a copy, contact the authors or to learn more, Please visit VeryBigDreams.com

my little guidebook to very BIG dreams - veryBigdreams.com

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