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Monique Caissie


A WE² bit about Monique:

Monique Caissie  :: We2Network.com MemberI help adults who are avoiding difficult conversations with people at home, to find their voice so they can feel heard and respected while creating more peaceful relationships with loved ones.

I do this through a proven telephone coaching system which empowers you by clarifying what YOU really want and how to get it.

My clients named me the Hope Coach because they told me they had no hope and by using my scripts and tools – they got results!

It’s simpler and quicker than you think!

I hope you’ll subscribe to my weekly blog! 🙂

My ABC’s to Successful Living are:
Appreciate What’s Good!
Believe in Yourself!
Commit to Small Actions Towards Your Happiness!

To Your Empowered Family Life,

Monique Caissie

Testimonials for Monique:

“About Monique Caissie. Families dealing with mental illness appreciated her support and knowledge in developing skills and personal awareness to better their quality of life. She was a beacon of hope for families in crisis with her practical and concrete guidance. Her creative ideas and infectious energy were put to good use in the development of a well appreciated self-care workshop for caregivers. This workshop is still raved about at Friends. She possesses a vast knowledge from a variety of backgrounds and is a great communicator and effectively instigates positive change.”

– Lucie Discepola, Executive Director, Friends for Mental Health of the West Island, Dorval, Quebec

“Working with Monique as my Life Coach has been an enriching experience. She is naturally intuitive, able to tap into your innermost wants and needs, then helps guide you towards enlightenment in the direction you want your life to take. She will work tirelessly with you in clarifying and simplifying steps needed to make positive changes and achieve yours goals, lending support whenever needed. I would highly recommend Monique to anyone needing to make changes in their lives but who are feeling overwhelmed or apprehensive.”

– Hélène Paquet, Artist at Large, West Island, Montreal, Quebec

“Who knew that at 50 years of age, I would be faced with so many obstacles to overcome? I thought those years of development had past with the pimples. But life threw a few bricks at me along the way and I was lucky enough to have a person enter my life, who not only taught me how to tend to my bruises, but also help me appreciate the bricks and use them to build something new. In a sensible, direct, yet at the same time, humorous manner, Monique Caissie has given me the skills on how to approach answering questions in my life, that have facilitated making some raw and critical decisions. As well, she has chosen from her vast well of resources and offered me other dependable avenues I am utilizing to attain my goal of bettering myself.”

– Heather Poirier, Budding Writer, Pointe-Claire, QC, Canada

Contact Monique:

Monique Caissie
Monique The Hope Coach

Tel: 514.661.3470
Email: monique@moniquethehopecoach.com
Website: MoniqueTheHopeCoach.com

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