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Money Matters – Andrea Duchesne

MONEY MATTERS with Andrea Duchesne
With a wealth of experience and distinguished voice Andrea shares her unwavering passion for educating women on the topic of money and women taking control of their personal finances. A professional through and through, you can expect regular insights on “Money Matters,” from budgeting business, household and personal finance, talking to your children and spouse about money and investing.

A We2 bit about Andrea Duchesne

By way of introduction, my name is Andrea Duchesne and I am an Investment Advisor with National Bank Financial, one of the country’s largest investment dealers. As a trusted partner in the community, National Bank Financial is proud to have been serving business owners through good times and bad for over 100 years.

To say that the last few years have been challenging from a financial perspective is quite the understatement. We have undergone a period of upheaval of historic proportions to say the least. Nonetheless, managing a business has its own series of challenges, regardless of how the economy or financial markets are doing.

At National Bank Financial, we recognize that women in business have unique concerns when it comes to economic and financial information. This is why we are presenting a resource centre for the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange to serve the needs of local women in business.

It is my intention that this section of the resource centre will serve the women of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange with information pertaining to their financial matters. Whether you are looking for information about how to most efficiently manage your business and/or personal account or the steps to take to look at financing your business or perhaps just a general question pertaining to your situation, we hope that we can help you with the management of your financial affairs.

MONEY MATTERS with Andrea Duchesne

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