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Mastermind Coaching for Entrepreneurs – November & December 2009

Corry Robertson is ‘The Complete Woman’s Business Coach

Set and Achieve your Business Goals with the C3 Principal

Clarity, Choice and Commitment

Do you intend to succeed in business so you can thrive in life?

Do you intend to manage the competing priorities of a successful business, without compromising the quality of your life?

Do you intend to achieve laser focus to align your business goals with your personal values?

This 6 week business mastermind course is your unique opportunity to harness
the power of the C3 Principal because you will learn the mindset to achieve the extraordinary.

Two Options for Your Convenience

Option 1 Option 2
In person10AM –Noon ( 2 hours)Tuesday November 3, 10, 17, and December I, 8 and 15

Investment: $25 per hour

Spaces limited to 8 people

Tele-Coaching8:30-9:30 PMWednesday November 4, 11, 18, and December 2, 8 and 16

Investment: $20 per hour ( + long distance charges)

Spaces unlimited

To reserve please contact Corry Robertson at 450-458-2592

For Corry’s biography and testimonials, please visit www.potentialtoperformance.com/blog