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Marion Elliot


A WE² bit about Marion:

Marion ElliotMarion Elliot, BSc, NHC, DHHP

I am an international award-winning speaker and life vision catalyst for Women in the Power Years.

I teach women over fifty to claim the benefits of the ‘Third Age’, by reconnecting with their purpose and vision, to unlock their power potential. My programmes show you how to use the clarity and freedom of maturity to fulfill your dreams, share your genius, and express your creative imagination.

Each of us contains a spark that inspired us in our innocence. I have seen that by purposefully reclaiming our dreams, we can ignite our world, on a personal and global level.

The third era of life is the time for us, as women, to take our gifts out into the world. Together, we get real about what you want and when you want to, and to make it so!

I recognize the special health challenges that come with midlife. In my twenty years as a naturopath and homeopath, I have developed programmes and strategies specifically for mature women. I equip you to enjoy the emotional freedom of the fifties and sixties, in strong, vibrant health.

I delight in learning from leaders worldwide. Join us at the Power Women’s World Summit – for women beyond midlife, brilliantly breaking boundaries in health, prosperity and contribution.

I believe in giving back from the resources afforded me. I support Kiva with rolling micro-loans to empower women and their communities.

I am the author of the upcoming book –
Women in the Power Years – Living Outrageously and Generously

Testimonials for Marion:

“If you are feeling stuck, knowing there is something more, deep inside you, that wants to come out… If you looking for someone to help you…
Marion is a powerhouse! She will take a stand for you, helping you to step back into your power and authentic voice while you have fun creating and manifesting your new life in the Third Age.
She was able to see what I needed and gently, kindly and playfully reconnect to who I really am!
She is enthusiastic, witty, joyful and creative. Every time I am around her I feel seen and listened to.
What a blast!”

– Carla H Brow

We2 Members to Member offer:

“Free Life Vision Catalyst Session.
We’ll look at the vision or project that has not been fulfilled in your life, and see what choices and resources can bring about the change you long for in the Third Age. This session is transferable to your mother or friend that is at or beyond menopause!
Value: $150”

Contact Marion

Marion Elliot BSc(FSc), DMH, HD(RHom), NHC
Primary Catalyst
Women in the Power Years

Tel: 514.795.7702

Email: marionelliot@me.com
Website: MarionElliot.com

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