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Make Networking Work for YOU

Make Networking Work for YOU with Sarena Miller
In a talk entitled : “Make Networking Work for YOU” I recently shared some of my best insights on how to make the most of networking and the principles that I have seen work time and again through my own experience, and through all I have seen manifest in the almost 8 years of We2. (WOW 8 years! Thank you!)

What a great way to start this year. As a refresher, (or in case you missed it) here is the first of my 15 (or so) points that will help Make Networking Work for You!

Tip # 1 Show up. Often.

It may sound really obvious.
But networking is part of our overall marketing strategy, just like any other.
The guiding principle behind everything We2 does is “slow and steady wins the race. Be the tortoise”.

We2 know that a sudden rush of super-powered enthusiasm followed by the sound of winds blowing through the sandy desert and the hum of crickets chirping cannot sustain long term success.

It won’t cut it at the gym…(been there) and it won’t cut it in business (been there, too).

It is about steadily creating a compounding effect, one step at a time.

Here, that old adage, “out of sight, out of mind” rings true.

It is true in social media. It is true of relationships. It is true of networking.
And just like social media is about relationships, networking is about relationships.

Besides being a great way to get referrals, it is a way to find our tribe…support…collaborations.
People who will root for us.
Refer us.
And it means letting people get to know the magnificent us!

“People will always refer or do business with people they know, like & trust”
– Bob Burg

The few times people come to me with concerns about networking, invariably, they are sporadic attendees at best.

I offer them a challenge : Do your best to show up every month, at least once a month. Then report back to me.

EVERY time, there has been a huge change in the response.
Every time.

When in motion, we can see what works, what doesn’t. Become better at it. Make adjustments, and learn how to make the most of every encounter.
And of course…have FUN at the same time!

Networking can be enjoyable…powerful, but remember:
We cannot perfect our actions – if there is no action.

So my first suggestion is always…just show up.

Which brings me to point number 2…

(But you’ll have to tune in next week to find out what it is, hehe)

Until next We2 meet,


A WE² bit about Sarena :

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Make Networking Work for YOU with Sarena Miller
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