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Maja Falvo


A WE² bit about Maja:

Maja FalvoMaja Falvo manufactures and distributes the game KOOB The Viking Game. KOOB is new to Canada but the game originates from Scandinavia where legend has it the Vikings used to play it with sticks and firewood gathered through their many worldly voyages! The game is great fun for both kids and adults, making the game ideal for family get togethers, BBQs, kids’ birthday bashes, camping trips or teambuilding events. Although the design is authentic Scandinavian, the game is produced in Canada from beautiful untreated white birch, allowing for a chemical-free, durable game set. KOOB can be played in open areas indoors or in its natural outdoor habitats such as grass, sand, concrete or even snow making it a year round good time. It gets the kids outside in the fresh air with their family or their friends and encourages friendly competition among colleagues or neighbours.

Testimonials for Maja:

“I had the opportunity to play KOOB The Viking Game with my family and I was pleasantly surprised. The kids loved it and we all thought it was great. What a great way for the family to have fun while getting some exercise and fresh air!”
Tanya Toledano, blogger and founder of montrealmom.com

Benefit Package for WE² Members:

WE2 members get 10% off KOOB The Viking Game on orders made on www.playkoob.com. Please use the promotion code WE2

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Maja Falvo

Tel: +1.514.667.6706
Email: contact@mollenliving.com
Website: www.mollenliving.com
Website: www.playkoob.com