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Lisa Lajoie


A WE² bit about Lisa:

Lisa LaJoiePsychic Medium. Intuitive Business Advisor. Spiritual Teacher. Utilizing her gifts of heightened intuition, Lisa LaJoie is a dynamic force who helps her clients access their inner Source Code so they can find their fierceness and ignite their success – in love, life, and business.

Clients call Lisa their spiritual advisor and secret weapon. Audiences call her an inspired speaker and gifted teacher. Whether she’s tapping into her intuition in one of her channeled conSOULtations, working with higher guides to discover the divine wisdom that lies within each of her clients, or simply transmitting guidance for those who dare seek it, she gets the soul job done.

When an individual or business taps into their innate Source Code of Success through working with Lisa, they finally have the answers they need – and the powerful activation of their Spirit + Human union. Her straight from the hip breakthrough strategies instantly ignite Lisa’s client’s personal and professional purpose, now fully integrated with their Source Code of Success.

Lisa is President and Grateful Founder of Tapping Into It which offers find your fierce coaching methods and consulting.

Testimonials for Lisa:

“Working with Lisa is Like Having a Secret Weapon up Your Sleeve! I’ve experienced way too MANY psychics’ readings, clairvoyants and mystics on my search to understand myself and get guidance on my next steps in life and business. Lisa blew my freaking socks off! She channeled my dead father with astounding accuracy. I can`t express what a gift it is to connect with someone you love who has passed on and receive their loving guidance as if they were sitting right next to you. It`s like someone handing you the biggest piece to your life’s puzzle something you`ve been missing for the last 10 years and then it clicks in, and your vision make perfect sense. From the clarity that has come from Lisa`s readings I have been able to move forward in my business with confidence and clarity knowing EXACTLY what to focus my attention and energy on. Jump on the chance to work with Lisa she is a brilliant and talented intuitive, her gift is like nothing I have ever experienced. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

– Vanessa Simpkins Spiritual Author, Speaker and Coach

“Having played professional hockey, I had the privilege of being coached by the top coaches in the world. I can honestly say that none of them got me to look as deeply and honestly at myself as Lisa did. She has a rare and special talent that helps you target the obstacles that are standing between you and the finish line.”

– Susan Hobson Performance Coach Elite: High Performance Coaching

“When I was going through a particularly difficult time in my life, Lisa offered her spiritual understanding. Through her ability to channel guides, Lisa helped to change the difficulty into a positive, self-empowerment that helped me create better choices and decisions in my life. I am joyfully amazed at Lisa’s gift for seeing things as they truly are and her candid way of telling it like it is when she reads the cards and uses her ability to channel. I would gladly reccommend her to anyone who is seeking answers. There are few readers who can actually read for me, most only hit surface things and are unable to read in depth. Lisa always reads accurately and completely.”

– Linda McCord – Arizona

We2 Members to Member offer:

“In just 60 minutes, we can dive deeply into topics like:

How you’re showing up in your business that’s affecting its growth and/or paralysis
The vibration of your business, identifying where there are blocks
Your current and potential partnerships, assessing which ones are congruent and which ones are out of alignment with your success
Your list of projects and goals for 2014 and how to make the most out of each endeavor
Which parts of your business no longer serve or support you
What you REALLY want to be doing and how to create the space and time to make it happen in 2014
During our session, if needed we may also release old behaviors, beliefs, and patterns that keep you stuck, and create NEW ways of being that align with your business’ natural rhythms.

Who are these sessions ideally suited for?

CEOs and other business owners who want to stop feeling drained by business and instead feel in vibrational alignment and happiness once again
Artists and screenwriters who want to know which ideas and projects will generate the best buzz and business
Entrepreneurs who are ready to create purposeful partnerships and hire the best employees for their business
Anyone who’s ready to tap into their own intuition, accelerate
I’ve designed these one-on-one 60-minute sessions to give you the jump start you your business craves.”

Contact Lisa

Lisa Farah Lajoie
Tapping Into It

Tel: 514-538-4589

Email: lisa@lisalajoie.tv
Website: www.lisalajoie.tv
Facebook: lisalajoie
Twitter: intuitivelisa
linked in: lisalajoie