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Liliana De Leo


A WE² bit about Liliana:

Liliana De Leo Founder and President of Living LaughterLiliana De Leo is a Laughter Specialist motivational speaker, who also works as a fitness & CPR instructor. Her passion for personal development has helped those who have had the courage and determination, raise their potential by achieving physical fitness and a healthy mind set. Liliana is founder and president of Living Laughter, offering programs and services for life style management and specialized training. Her special brand of optimism has a positive effect on everyone with whom she comes in contact. Liliana’s energetic trainings and workshops will help you improve your learning and life skills. Liliana holds a Bachelor of Arts in Leisure Science, and certifications from Dr. Kataria’s School of Laughter Yoga, the Canadian Fitness Professionals Association, and the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

Contact Liliana:

Liliana De Leo
Living Laughter

Tel: 514.575.2033

Email: lilianadeleo@yahoo.ca
Website: www.LilianaDeLeo.com/