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Julia Di Nardo – Psychologist


A WE² bit about Julia:

Julia Di Nardo - Psychologist www.healthehunger.comDr. Julia Di Nardo is a Psychologist specializing in helping adults who are struggling with emotional eating, yo-yo dieting and body image issues. By getting to the root of the problem and resolving the issues holding you back from being happier and healthier, you can heal your relationship with food, your body and yourself. Click here now for your free report on the “5 Steps to Getting Control of Emotional Eating.

Testimonial for Julia:

“I just wanted to congratulate you on the work you do and the path you have chosen. Your area of expertise is a much needed and under-explored area of behaviour around food. Becoming familiar with what our individual triggers are is the first step towards healthy eating patterns and very rarely does this happen without the help and support of a professional who focuses on exactly that. I’ll be sure to spread the word!”

Benefit Package for WE² Members:

1A free copy of my special report, “The Five Steps to Getting Control of Emotional Eating,”
2A free 30-minute telephone consultation to determine whether my services might be right for you or someone you know (feel free to pass it along!).
3A “coffee on me” coupon: if we work with people in the same target market, let’s learn more about how we can help each other grow our businesses.

Julia Di Nardo

Tel: 514.963.4814

Email: Julia@HealTheHunger.com
Website: www.HealTheHunger.com

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