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Jennifer Lonergan


A WE² bit about Jennifer:

Jennifer LonerganAfter completing a PhD in (women’s) history, Jennifer Lonergan taught at the University, college and high school levels before achieving teacher’s burnout in record time. She subsequently moved back to Canada from Europe, where she’d lived for 11 years, and took up a position at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in our nation’s capital, where she struggled to reorient collecting to include artifacts which would help tell women’s stories in exhibitions. She took a similar approach to her work at National Historic Sites, Parks Canada, before resigning in frustration to develop an idea for promoting cultural heritage in a more hands-on way. After a perspective-changing trip to India, a couple of years of reflection and research, which included volunteering, business courses, and another trip to India, Jennifer opened Artistri Atelier-Boutique at the beginning of September, 2008. Artistri is dedicated to supporting women craftspeople both here and in the developing world, by promoting and selling their work. In 2010, she co-founded Artistri Sud, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building capacity among craftswomen in the developing world. She is Artistri Sud’s executive director. The vision for Artistri is twofold—on the one hand, to raise awareness about the value of craftswomen and their work, and on the other, to provide women with the tools they need to create sustainable livelihoods our of their crafts and other assets.

About Artistri Sud: Artistri Sud is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering women artisans in developing countries by building their capacity to develop sustainable products and equitable relations with local and global markets.

Contact Jennifer

Jennifer Lonergan

Executive Director
Artistri Sud
Montreal, Canada
Tel: 514-989-9455

Email: Jennifer@artistri.ca
Website: www.artistri.ca

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