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Jeannie Zilber


A WE² bit about Jeannie:

Jeannie ZilberMy name is Jeannie Zilber and, along with my husband Sam, own and operate a company called Dignité. Our mission is to help seniors and others with problems like arthritis be independent in their daily lives.

We started this company 7 years ago when we found my mother-in-law at 84 year’s old, standing in her sink trying to clean the windows. There had to be a better way. As we tried to find products to help seniors, all we could find were large stores carrying mostly walkers, prosthesis and the like but nothing to help daily living. This gave life to the idea and soon Dignité was born. I gave a lot of thought of what to name the company. I chose Dignité because I truly believe that we should age with dignity.

It has been extremely rewarding to be able to help people do things by their selves. It is important to us that the products are actually useful. If we believe that the product is not what the customer really needs, we won’t sell it to them.

We may never be rich but we sleep nights.

Contact Jeannie:

Jeannie Zilber
400 Grand Blvd, Suite 11
Ile-Perrot, Quebec

Tel: 514-594-7017
Email: jeanniezilber@yahoo.ca
Website: www.digniteonline.com

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