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January 11, 2012

We2 Networking Breakfast in Montreal!!! - January 11, 2011

Energy Leadership: The 7 levels of Leadership:

Imagine the feeling of waking up in the morning, energized, refreshed and excited to tackle whatever is on the agenda – and whatever comes your way – Every day!

We first start a business running on the enthusiasm of endless possibilities. As time goes by we wear many hats, and get swamped in the day to day tasks, running to meet obligations and taking care of our families. Have you ever felt like you head off to work, get stuck in traffic, maybe a spilled coffee – or two – worked very busily all day…only to feel like you accomplished little.
Reacting to the everyday demands can sometimes overtake our emotions.

What if you had a tool to help live more pro-actively rather than reactively?

What if we could work every day with that same enthusiasm? That drive and excitement we first had?

In this talk, Julie will explore the 2 different types of energy and their seven levels to help us understand how the perceptions of our world is created which in turn is creating our results (or lack of). We’ll see how we can use the energy we have to accomplish more with less effort, more purpose and passion.

We will also learn how that ties in to nature of leadership, recognize our leadership style and how that can result in maximum productivity and engagement in what we do, with improved objectivity and decision-making ability.

This year, Julie challenges you to get more done with more energy than you thought possible.

To Bring more awareness, engagement and passion to your day.

To positively impact your bottom line and sense of peace and well-being.

A WE² bit about Julie Anne Christoph :

Julie AnneAfter a depression, Julie Anne chose to leave her sales rep job to open a health club for women. She wanted to share what she discovered through exercise: “ A new life, a new energy!” Her goal was met when a member came to her and admitted that this gym saved her life. This went right to Julie Anne’s heart. Her goal was met and it had been done with passion which made it simple to attain!

After the birth of her daughter, Julie Anne sold her club to become Area Director for the province of Quebec. For nearly two years, she motivated, inspired, trained and guided the owners to achieve the success they aimed for their clubs. It’s after the birth of her son that Julie Anne questioned herself. She realized the Human Being is her passion. Why do some people choose to see opportunity and possibilities while others choose to be a victim of circumstances and events? She found the answer to her question while studying to become a Certified Professional Coach. Julie Anne earned her Certified Professional Coach (CPC) credential through iPEC Coaching, an International Coach Federation accredited coach training program. She is also certified to interpret and debrief the Energy Leadership Assessment.

During her studies at iPEC Coaching, she had such a revelation that Julie Anne wanted to offer the possibility to Canadians to have multiple accessible training locations and purchased the rights to use their program in Canada, the school Is named: iPEC Canada. iPEC is known for it’s proprietary Core Energy Coaching™ Process. This process helps clients to break through limiting thoughts and emotional response and replace those thoughts and emotions with supportive, empowering beliefs wich leads clients to take powerful and consistent action. The program is now available in two Canadian provinces (Quebec and Ontario) and is still expanding!

Julie Anne’s coaching is based on the belief that when we choose to live in a positive mindset, we raise our awareness which in turns gives us the power to inspire, motivate and guide not just others but also yourself in taking positive and purposeful actions to achieve success.
As a coach, Julie Anne works mainly with women who wants to find balance between their personnal life and work. She also works with a unique attitudinal assessment that reveals what kind of energy you live with. Does this energy work WITH you or AGAINST you? Do you see life in a positive way? How you percieve situations and circumstances that surround you dictate your behavior and your level of satisfaction and success in life.

Happiness is the way we choose to perceive life!

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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012
7:00 am

Where : Please note new location – all changes listed below

Le Déjeuner Cosmopolitain

983 boul. St-Jean,
Pointe-Claire, QC, H9R 5K3 Map

Price :

20$ for Members
30 $ Guests


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