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“Hook, Line and Sinker” on Aug. 14th with Peter Vogopoulos – Great offer for WE² members!

Peter VogopoulosAre you having trouble communicating the unique value you bring to your clients?

If you have ever wanted the perfect elevator speech, one that communicates your value proposition clearly, is memorable and creates business results in the form of new leads, referrals and clients, then the Hook, Line and Sinker Elevator Speech System Workshop is for you.

Peter Vogopoulos of Exceeding Limits and Marketing for Real Results is offering another workshop on August 14th, 2009. When he visited us last, he offered our members an exceptional price.

Read what he has to say about it:

“Hi Sarena!

I want to extend the original offer for Hook, Line and Sinker Elevator Speech System Workshop the to the members who could not make the the first time (there were a few). But then, in one of our discussions I agreed that I’d make it available ONE LAST TIME, for any WE² member. Can’t keep doing this! 🙂 But I *love* your group, so it’s my pleasure.

So, while the workshop is currently being promoted at $249, your members will be able to get in for $149.
This is the same offer I made during my visit back in June, except for the bonus seminar ticket that was provided as a gift. This price will NEVER happen again, so I hope they take advantage of it.

More information and the registration form can be found at a special page ONLY for WE² members:


P.S. They should hurry! Once again, there is a max of 10 participants. Here’s that link again: “