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Good thing I Love ketchup!

Stick your head above the crowd and you’ll get hit with tomatoes!!
Good thing I REALLY love ketchup!

Having spent most of my “adult” education studying Fine Arts and Philosophy (literally the love of questions) I guess you can say it has always been a quest for truth. I have learned to ask questions. Learned to listen to the answers. Learned to see beyond the tomatoes.

Everybody has something to say, and unfortunately sometimes it can be really negative. Sadly, some people are not willing to ask the questions and get to the truth because they got a little ketchup in the eye. 🙁 And so they sit back down…and maybe even pick up a tomato, ready to hurl at the next gal who dares stand.

The thing is this…and this I know – 99.9999 % of the time, when you scratch just below the surface to look beyond the superficiality and start asking your own questions, they don’t even know why they said it, or how they came to that conclusion, and you will find that those words have no foundation or true meaning.

No matter WHAT you do, whether you DO or you DON’T DO, people will talk. There will be the naysayers. Don’t be afraid to live the truth, challenge the status quo, ASK the real questions, to take a chance! Only you know what you are planting! Don’t be afraid to be daring. Great art is daring! Beautiful businesses are daring! This is YOUR life, YOUR business, make it count!

That means forging ahead while always being kind, polite, virtuous, with grounded certainty, planting your garden with dignity and grace. Be STRONG and the world will see the true you…always.

At the end of it all, it’s the people who had the courage to actually stand that move us, that change the world, that we want to emulate, that we applaud…never the tomato tossers.

Learn to love ketchup, and I mean PUT IT ON EVERYTHING!!!

I leave you with a quote as applicable to entrepreneurs as it is in the art world,
“BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, BE AMAZING” – Simon de Pury.

XO Sarena

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