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Gabriela Embon


A WE² bit about Gabriela:

Gabriela Embon ::  We2 Member - NetworkingMontreal.comGabriela is a certified life coach that specializes in men’s personal growth.
She is trained in a wide range of coaching methodologies that support personal and professional goals. She coaches men to push past limiting beliefs and to stop the cycles that do not serve them anymore.

Among many techniques and tools Gabriela incorporates into her coaching, “The Journey”, a globally recognized process, that stands out and shines as a healing and transformational process to remove emotional blocks and awaken you to your boundless potential.

Gabriela believes that you are already the person you want to be. It’s all right there inside you. By facing that which is holding you back you can achieve the life you dream of and all your potential will swell to the top.

Dream it. Face it. Achieve it!

We all have one thing in common; we want to find meaning. That is every man’s journey; to find the light within that ignites all possibility to living a life of purpose. When that happens, our place in the world begins to make sense and the dreams we dare to face can be achieved.
So… why does she coach? She coaches because she has it in her to help others transform their potential so they, like her, can shine their light.

    Are you?

  • …Dreaming of a different lifestyle or better career but don’t know how to get there?
  • …Imagining a more promising future, but can’t find the way?
  • …Out of balance in how you manage your life and your time?
  • …Tired of negative thinking, limiting behaviors and self-sabotage?
  • …Ready to reach your full potential as a leader, husband, father, man…person?
  • …Being true to yourself, living your values?

If you are ready to transform your “so-so life” into “I love my life” then you are ready to become the man of confidence and power that already exists inside you.

Testimonials for Gabriela:

Gabriela’s testimonials show her passion and devotion for helping people break out of unhappiness. She has experienced change in her life while going through two immigration processes and making a career change from being an experienced chemical engineer to become a passionate life coach.

Dear Gabriela,
Before I met you, I was struggling with my life emotionally financially and physically. Although I have a wonderful family who tried to help me in many ways, I couldn’t change until I met you. During our meetings, exercises, I discovered such values in me that I never did before. I forgot to appreciate obvious things in my life and had no self-confidence. You opened my eyes and made me a better person by showing me what is important and how to create and reach my goals. Your positive personality enchanted me and refilled me for weeks. Now I’m a positive, confident person, who knows what he wants and goes for it. Thanks to you. You’ll always have a special place in my heart and I’m very much thankful for your help to changing my life.”
– Balazs from Montreal

“Before I began working with Gabriela I had little balance in my life. I was overwhelmed by the amount of work I wanted to accomplish for my website while trying to balance my day job, family life and personal time.
During our first meeting, Gaby made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Her calmness allowed me to open up to her fully and truly share my fears, concerns and aspirations.
After my second meeting with Gaby, I left confident that I now have a concrete action plan in my hands that I can implement instantly and begin to improve my life. The simplicity and clarity of the small (yet significant) changes I made in my life, made a tremendous difference and help guide me to inner peace and happiness.
As our meetings continued, Gaby’s array of knowledge from business ideas, spirituality and even nutritional tips continued to help me get my life back on track.
It is a pleasure to work with Gaby. She is sweet, kind, attentive and wise. I hope to continue our work together in the future. ” – Jessica from Montreal

“Dear Gabriela, I would like to tell you how important you became in my life. I met you two years ago in the most difficult time of my whole life.
You were a key player in my personal growth. I had an alcoholic son who was deep emerged in his drinking. I was in so much pain from seeing him destroy his life.
Gabriela gave me support and orientation and showed me how to seek for help. Now I have recovered my essence, I am really what I always wanted to be; a mature woman that makes correct decisions, respects and puts limits. Gabriela was the one that opened my eyes and taught me not to feel guilt related to me as a wife and as a mother. She provided me with a great book “Love is not what we were told it is” from the author Clara Coria.
I am Mexican and you can’t imagine the cultural beliefs I was raised with.
I recovered the people I love but living on a very different way, with self respect, putting limit and expressing my feelings but with courtesy.
Thank you dear Gabriela, it is so much what I would write here that it will never end .” – Martha from Mexico (Hairstylist and salon owner)

Benefit Package for WE² Members only:

One free “Journey to Emotional Healing” session, a globally recognized process, that stands out and shines as a healing and transformational process to remove emotional blocks and awaken you to your boundless potential.
Gabriela offers a one hour FREE consultation. Contact Gabriela to discuss your specific requirements.

Contact Gabriela

Gabriela Embon

Tel: +1.514.690.6000
Email: gabriela@gabrielaembon.com
Website: www.gabrielaembon.com

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