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Gabriela Embon Interview

Gabriela EmbonFor We2 Member Gabriela Embon, her niche is coaching men, helping them break through the obstacles that hold them back.

Although Gaby definitely works equally well with women, men often lack the same kind of support that we women tend to offer each other.

All people find themselves repeating similar patterns, saying “ I know that this keeps happening and I don’t know why”

Gaby helps people gain clarity regarding relationships, money issues, or career questions as it pertains to life purpose and desires and removing resistance associated with it.

As a We2 Panelist, Gaby not only shared her insights and knowledge, she entertained. Gaby’s stories are like metaphors for our journey to success, laden with humour, honesty & imagination.
The way she shares her knowledge breeds a new perspective, like her “Earthquake analogy”. One of my favourites…

Shaky – even seemingly life or business shattering moments – happen. In business…in life. It’s how we deal with it, and how we talk to ourselves that determines the outcome. And..let’s face it. We would never speak to others the way we speak to ourselves.

“Imagine a true earthquake, and there you are – attempting to help somebody trapped and scared. What would you say?” Gaby asks.

“Would you tell them, well…it looks pretty grim. I’m just not sure you are going to make it. The ambulance was called, but they are taking a REAAALLY long time to get here. You may as well just give up now. Time to throw in the towel.”

Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?

Yet, Gaby says, this is how people talk to themselves. Putting it in this new perspective reminds us to stay strong in the face of adversity. To say, “We are going to be okay, even better than okay. This is a hiccup, a necessary experience that we will learn and grow from”.

This philosophy is echoed in the following question I asked Gaby.

S: “If you could travel back in time to your former self, the one just starting in business, what piece if advice would you give yourself?”

G: “I remember it was a hard year in many respects and it seemed like everything was happening – all at once. You name it. I was worried about all of the things that entrepreneurs worry about. I resisted. Often.
What I would tell myself now is: No matter what is happening, never go into victim mode. Wallowing in pity. All of the growing pains that accompany things in life are a part of becoming who you are meant to be. Learning what you need to learn. They are unavoidable. You can’t skip them. It’s like giving birth. It’s painful, and maybe during labour you feel disjointed, you question why & how. It’s very painful but you know that something beautiful will be the result. And it’s the same for our business.

When you resist – it takes longer. You cannot attract what you need to when you are in victim mode. It will make your journey MORE painful. Don’t let fear cloud the opportunities that will certainly present themselves. When they do, you must be open to receive them.”

Gaby helps people who feel ready to create the life they want, create change but are not sure how…people who are tired of living with guilt or anxiety or panic, and are ready to let go and step into a brighter more calm future.

If you would like to connect with Gabriela, to ask questions or thank her for her share, simply send her a message here: <a href=”mailto:gabriela@gabrielaembon.com”>gabriela@gabrielaembon.com</a>

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