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Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?

  • DO you ever ask yourself WHY it seems so much easier to get more done at a traditional job EVEN THOUGH your business is your PASSION?

  • DO you keep setting the same goals over & over and days become weeks, become months, maybe years? Missing too many self-directed goals? Have a hunger to finish that book? (or start)… that epic art series, launch your speaking career or create (and sell) that amazing, world changing product?

  • DO you find yourself doing “busy work”, rather than focusing on the important work, or get distracted by things like facebook and twitter?

  • Feel like you are working all the time, without getting the traction and results that you desire, and at the end of each week, you know that there were just not enough money-making activities?

  • Tired of taking yet another amazing workshop or attending a conference, shelling out the big bucks, leave feeling pumped and energized – only to return to the same habits just a few days later…feeling all alone and frustrated with the lack of traction.

  • Want MORE We2 Magic? DO you love the feeling of energy and inspiration that comes from the dynamic We2 Meetings and want to harness the power to transform your biz?

We2 saw a need and rose to the occasion, bringing you FOCUS 5™

Some of the best ideas in an affordable and power-packed plan to help grease those gears and help you rocket your biz to the stars.

A unique mix of a mastermind program and a business-building road map, taking us from dream to implementation and action – designed to give us the accountability we need, with a fresh and honest look at our businesses.

Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?
Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?

What is Focus 5™

Why 6 months?

Focus 5™ is a 6 month action-oriented journey, not riding on the tails of temporary excitement – instead, We2 flip that idea on it’s head!

We2 get to know our unique pod…then rev up slowly, going faster and faster…building momentum, fighting inertia…until we are moving fast enough to launch into orbit…where business runs more smoothly.

The comprehensive program asks critical and key questions & exercises that address SO many of the issues we face as business owners, as women finding our voice and our path…changing the world…and there you have Focus 5.

We2 believe that there is no such thing as overnight success. Seeing the results of growth takes time. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to take “FOREVER” !

But it means work. Good work. Work that you are passionate about. Breeding the good habits that create a compound effect. Moving through challenges while finding that regular support, cheering you on, encouraging you…helping build your confidence to unlock your potential, unleash your power, moving you into consistent, dynamic action.

Hanging out at the gym for a weekend won’t give the same results as working out regularly for 6 months. Same principle.

And of course, in We2 fashion we give you great value.

We cover a lot of material…all in natural flow.

Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?

THESE are just some of the ways WE2 feel we are different, providing you with the tools you need for LONG TERM GROWTH.

Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?

In Focus 5™


  • Develop Consistency – KEY Factor in Success !

  • Gain CLARITY !

  • Build CONFIDENCE !

  • Get a handle on your TIME

  • BOND. Creating close relationships with your unique pod, who also act as a family of ambassadors, resulting in direct referrals and powerful word of mouth marketing.

  • MAKE MORE MONEY. Finding our niche and unique value that sets you apart from the competition. focusing on finding the RIGHT clients for you, along with income-producing activities that results in more of the clients you love to work with, in our unique Planned pathway for success using well thought-out materials from Years of research and experience

  • Discover Sisterhood ! The awesome SUPPORT and ENCOURAGEMENT, feeling like you are NOT ALONE.

Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?

Don’t just take it from WE2!
Hear what other people have to say!

Focus 5 has been one of the best business moves I've made in the past year+. Being part of this group, meeting weekly with a group of women who I have gotten to know and and grown to admire and respect as professionals in their fields, and as human beings making a difference in the world. Sarena's vision of the group as a place to spur each other on professionally, creating an accountability framework, while focusing on the whole person - looking at professional and personal goals, dreams, plans has become a reality. I have attained professional (and personal) goals and milestones far beyond what I believe I would have without the support and structure of this group, and celebrated with other F5 members as they've reached theirs. I've made friends that matter. I have felt encouraged and challenged to go beyond in all aspects of my life. The results speak for themselves. Focus 5 works.- Tara Bissett

Together, We2 are magic.

Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?


This program is not right for everybody.
Each participant must have a positive attitude, and an open heart, be ready to commit to growing their business,..commit to themselves and to their group so they can achieve what they have set out to achieve.

If you feel that this is a better solution for YOU, call or e-mail today to be put on the waiting list and matched with your perfect pod!

Call 514-817-5555 to have your questions about Focus5™ answered.
Focus5™ Are You Ready to ROCK IT?