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Energetic Leader – Julie Anne Christoph

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph
Julie Anne brings her impressive background and expertise to the We2 panel with inspiring ways to create more business growth with more energy than you though possible!
Her contagious enthusiasm and spirit shine through her words shed light on new perspectives that will help every woman live more Pro-actively rather than Re-actively to create and life you want with success and fulfillment!

A We2 bit about Julie Anne Christoph

Julie Anne Christoph is a dynamic, energetic, anabolic person. She sees opportunity everywhere; this is what brought her where she is now!!!

During her studies at iPEC Coaching to become a certified Professional Coach through an accredited program, she had such a revelation that Julie Anne wanted to offer the possibility to Canadians to have multiple accessible training locations that would offer iPEC’s Coach Training Program. She purchased the rights to bring the program to Canada. Her school is: iPEC Canada. She offers training in two Canadian provinces, Quebec and Ontario, and will expand in 2012 to British Colombia! iPEC is known for it’s proprietary Core Energy Coaching ™ process which is about giving individuals the opportunity to be at the cause of all great things they truly want to experience in life.

The Energetic Leader with Julie Anne Christoph

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