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Secrets to Great Style with Monica De Liz

Monica de Liz Style Coach

Monica de Liz Style Coach

“You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”

If your clothes could talk – what are they really saying?
Stand in front of a mirror and evaluate yourself… Be brutally honest!
Do you look professional or sloppy? Credible or unreliable? Organized or messy?

Dressing is a non-verbal-language. According to the pioneering research of Professor Albert Mehrabian at UCLA, effective communication has a simple formula: 7% is what we say (words), 38% is what we hear (tone of voice) and 55% is what we see (image). This means if your visual expression does not match your talk, you are being incongruent; therefore, you are not able to clearly communicate what you want – there is a glitch on your message.

Whether you like it or not, we live in a judgmental society. Regardless of your knowledge and expertise, it takes less than five seconds for people to make positive or negative assumptions about you – that’s human nature! If you want to be successful in business, at work or dating, you need to consider your wardrobe as part of the process. It’s time to stop dressing for comfort and start wearing clothes that will help you get ahead. Here are 7 easy steps to help you stand out:


Where do you aspire to be in three years? When you dress like you’ve made it, people will perceive you as successful and be naturally drawn to you. Think as if you were Oprah or Ali Brown. Like any product in the market today, YOU are a brand and your clothes are the packaging. How people are going to buy you? Before saying a word, they first buy what they see. Is your packaging building or killing your business? It’s almost like dating; if someone catches your eye, you get curious, if not, you just ignore him/her. You are more likely to command respect and get what you want if you are put together. Start now: Fake it until you make it!

Part 1 in a Series on “7 easy steps to help you stand out”

Enjoyed Part 1?

In the coming weeks learn 7 easy steps to help you stand out!

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