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Doreen Mary Bray


A WE² bit about Doreen Mary:

Doreen Mary BrayAn internationally sought-after energetic healer and teacher with over 30 years experience in natural and energetic healing modalities.

One of Montreal’s leading Mind-Body-Soul specialist. I have a private practice. Teach Energetic Anatomy classes that are 12 weeks long with10 levels of study, give weekend workshops, retreats, evening meditations, teach Shamanism, give Sweat Lodge Ceremonies in both Beaconsfield & up North, am a certified Chinese medicine & herbal therapist, message therapist, acupressure therapist, do soul centred therapy, cranial sacral release, sound and vibrational medicine, healing the inner child modalities. I have a multi-dimensional nature and I am working toward achieving self-mastery.

Testimonials for Doreen Mary:

“Mary Doreen Bray… is one of the most if not the most beautiful being I’ve ever met!
Her presence and the way she teaches stay with you as a real balm and as a great stimulation to be your best in your own unique way moment by moment.

All the tools she lovingly delivers and shares are visible through the way she moves, speaks and lives, every second of her life. She reflects what she teaches and this really encourages one to commit to self-growth as the main wonderful project of one’s life.

Doreen is a real channel of love, guidance, freedom, peace, joy, courage and she is highly competent. When she communicates, you can be nicely surprised of how everything she says or does, flows naturally through her from a sacred source…

Words can’t explain exactly the outcomes of working, speaking, studying, consulting or receiving a treatment with Doreen! You really need to give yourself the chance to experience being in Doreen’s presence and …you can be assured that this journey will make clearer the path of becoming the best of you!”

– Sandra Miot

“Doreen Mary Bray is a highly intuitive & gifted Energetic Spiritual Psycho-therapist.

I have had the opportunity to attend Doreen’s anatomy classes, retreat workshops, sweat lodge ceromonies, meditations, individual sessions, and have found Doreen’s teachings, techniques used to be life changing.

It has helped me bring balance at all levels of my being. And in all areas of my life. Thank you so very much! Doreen. I am truly very grateful.”
-Carla Napolano

“Doreen Mary is a gifted seer and healer. She gave courses in spiritual development which I took part in. They were profound, inspirational, accessible and gave us practical tools we could take away with us. I highly recommend her as a gentle, loving brilliant teacher who can transform your life.”
-Laura Everett

Contact Doreen Mary

Doreen Mary Bray
The Institute of Energetic Healing
Founder & Teacher

Tel: 438.886.6436

Email: doreenmarybray@gmail.com
Website: http://www.iehinstitute.com

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