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Secrets to Great Style with Monica De Liz

Monica de Liz Style Coach

Monica de Liz Style Coach

At some point in time, we get attached to our clothes because somehow our identity is connected to them. Whether you are aware of it or not, your wardrobe is filled with good and bad memories (energy). You may look at an exotic handbag from a trip to India and remember, “That was the best trip of my life, I had so much fun”, or look at a necklace and say “This was a gift from someone special.” I encourage you to keep these items as long as they bring back happy memories and make you feel good when you see them. The opposite scenario is what I consider toxic to your well-being. I was disturbed by the following comments  when I asked different clients to explain why they held on to a specific item. I heard the truth of what they were not telling me:

“Ah, this is my fat dress, when I feel fat I wear it.”
(I’m uncomfortable with my weight).

“This brooch was given to me by my ex-mother-in-law but I never wear it.”
(A relationship that didn’t work).

“I like this dress but my ex-boyfriend told me I looked ugly.”
(I don’t feel pretty, memory of a relationship that didn’t work).

“This is my sick sweater, when I feel sick I wear it.”
(I’m going to be sick again).

How can you ever feel good if what you keep around you contradicts that desire? The simple act of detaching from unwanted clothes releases negative emotions and opens up space to garments that support the confident person you want to be. It’s almost impossible to see your feel-good items since they are lost in a sea of bad memories.


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